According to La Stampa newspaper, the process ensures maximum discretion Russian President Vladimir Putin carried out at night.

In order to hide the absence put it in And creating the impression that he is still in control of the situation in the country, Russian services Special make a plan to replace it Double For at least 10 days. It must appear in public.

Journalists were also able to establish that the Russian services prepared a special service Recordings against Putin’s long absence. The video was recorded for 10 days and its publication is expected to convince the Russians that Putin is in good health.

According to the mentioned sources, the result of the operation came put it in It will be known in about five days.

“There is evidence that Putin was taken to the clinic about a week ago,” she wrote.

According to the Italian newspaper, information about hospitalization, examinations and consultations with the best Russian doctors were provided by informants of the Russian services.


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