Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for more than 130 million years. However, at that time they had not reached the stage of an advanced civilization that could have gone into space. However, what is late does not escape.

The flight over Earth was provided for the dinosaurs by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, and Blue Origin, a company that will send the first long-standing space tourist into space on July 20.

On April 15, during the last unmanned test flight of the New Shepherd missile, representatives of Blue Origin placed on board the ship the fossil remains of Dromosaurus that lived about 65-70 million years ago. According to information that was provided to the press, the remains of a carnivorous feathered dinosaur flew into space. It was not a very large animal for a dinosaur, although most modern birds could envy their stature: 2 meters long, 60 cm high, with powerful claws. Well, the pet somehow had to deal with the world of powerful predators.

Dromozor. Źródło: FunkMonk (Michael BH) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

However, according to our best information, this is not the first dinosaur to reach outer space. And I’m not talking here about the fact that others were thrown from Earth into space 65 million years ago during the asteroid impact on the Yucatan Peninsula. Earlier, in 1985, part of the Mayasaura’s spine flew into space on the Challenger shuttle, and in 1998, the Chilovis’ skull flew 210 million years ago into space on the shuttle Endeavor.

By the way … even dinosaurs were already out in space, and I still didn’t exist. Strange feeling.

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