A picturesque viewpoint on the Oder pond, and at the same time a long-awaited bicycle route connecting the most famous Polish and German roads. The former Siekierki-Neurüdnitz railway bridge is now an attractive space for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Polish part of the investment was ready in May 2021. Now the reconstructed part has been opened on the German side of the border. Thus, the bridge can be crossed along its entire length.

– Together with our German partners, we have converted the longest bridge over the Oder River into a bicycle path. It is beautiful here, there is a beautiful landscape and a beautiful view of the Oder Pond. A MUST SEE – cheers Olgierd Geblewicz, county leader.

How did the former railway bridge change?

The investor on the Polish side was the complex of landscape gardens in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship under the authority of the Marshal. The cost of implementing the project by the office MXL4 architekci of Szczecin amounted to 11 million PLN. The structure of the former railway bridge was enriched with a viewing platform, two abutments were restored, rest areas were equipped with benches and bicycle booths, and modern signage was made.

The Autonomous Government of Brandenburg participated in the implementation of the project on the German side. There, the work took longer, but was completed recently. On Saturday, June 25, Marshal Geblevich and Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Wojdick were able to shake hands with the completed pedestrian and bicycle bridge across the border.

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The implementation of this investment opens up broad prospects for cyclists from the region. An attractive road has been created that connects bicycle routes on the Polish side of the border with a dense network of roads on the German side. The bridge can be reached by the scenic Western Lakeland Road, which runs roughly through Pomerania. Less experienced tourists from Szczecin can take the train to Godków near Chojna and cover the last 20 kilometers of the track. An interesting loop idea might be to cross the bridge to the German side, then return by ferry sailing at the height of Gozdowice, south of Siekierki.

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The bicycle bridge in Siekierki is now open to tourists, but the official opening ceremony won’t take place until September. It is also scheduled to unveil the bench in memory of the professor. Władysław Bartoszewski, patron of the crossing.