Roberto Soldić has won each of his last seven fights and is the KSW champion in two weight classes. He already had a middleweight belt (up to 77 kg). In December, he also reached the middleweight belt (up to 84 kg) after knocking out the legend of KSW – Muhammed Khalidov in the fight for the title. The Croatian hit his opponent with a powerful blow, which the Chechen doctor compared to kicking a horse.

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Roberto Soldic can change colors. The UFC is preparing for the arrival of the KSW star

However, Soldyck was not happy with the win. – What can I say? I do not celebrate. I’ve said this before and I’m not surprised. I believe in my own hand. I believe in my case and thank you for your support – he said in one of the interviews. Speculation quickly surfaced in the media about the possibility of the Croat moving from KSW to the UFC. However, this topic has not been officially addressed. The breakout could have happened at the end of last week.

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Journalist Ariel Halawani reported on his blog that representatives of Soldesia and the UFC met in the British capital. UFC business manager Hunter Campbell and matchmaker Mick Maynard participated in the talks. The journalist reported that the talks “were very fruitful” and that the Croatian may be announced as a new player for the American giant in the coming days.

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Then what about KSW? This is unknown. The Polish federation is trying to extend the contract with Soldyck, but no details are available. Soldik also gave his word to Khalidov. The gentlemen agreed to two battles and the Chechen recently announced that in a month or two he would be able to stand in the octagon and face the “Robocop”.

Even a few days ago, Khalidov said that he also spoke to Soldyck about it. – I saw him at the last concert, we talked for a while. He said that he gave his word then and wanted two fights – said the Chechen. The question is what the KSW authorities have to say. In one of the interviews, Maciej Kaulsky said that he wanted to see Khalidov in a cage first, and then the authorities would make a decision.