Oleg Nikolenko, Ukrainian speaker MSZ Quoted by the portal naviny.by He stressed that such a rapprochement between Russia and Biorosian The danger to Ukraine increases and will be taken into account in subsequent decisions aimed at protecting national security interests.

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Lukashenka can count on the Kremlin’s unconditional support when it comes to pacifying society

Moscow wants to deprive Belarus of its sovereignty

The Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk requested an explanation of the statement issued by the authorities of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic. Pro-Russian separatists from Luhansk claim to have conducted investigations against opposition journalist Roman Protasevich. LPR Prosecutor General Sergei Gorenko said June 16 that the ministry had received “compelling evidence” of Protasevich’s involvement in the activities of the pro-Ukrainian “Azov” group banned in the LPR, the Navy wrote. by.

Belarus. An explosion near the Polish embassy in Minsk

In response, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry assessed it by Russia It actually controls the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine, the statements of the separatists should be considered an attempt Moscow Deprivation Belarus Her lordship.

Protasiewicz’s case. The plane was supposed to be forced to land according to the Russian scenario

Oleg Nikolenko added that the operation that forced a Ryanair plane to land in Minsk with Roman Protasevich on board was in fact carried out according to the Russian scenario.

Joe BidenBiden’s reaction to the last question about Putin. “you do not understand”

On May 23, Belarus forced a passenger plane flying over its territory to land in order to arrest a passenger – Roman Protacevic, Belarusian exhibitions.

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