Radosław Pyffel wrote on his personal Facebook page: “Unfortunately, very bad news from Alaska, where high-ranking representatives from the United States and China today in the morning of Poland, and in the presence of the world media, accused each other.”

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Unfortunately, it appears that we are heading towards an escalation of the conflict between the United States and China, which cannot be agreed upon


In the (more nationalistic) Chinese Internet, Chinese officials are ecstatic after responding to US allegations of human rights violations by similar accusations.

– The journalist adds.

Chinese Internet reactions do not bode well for anything good. “

He asserts that “the United States is accused of hypocrisy and likens meeting far away in Hongmen () in 206 BC, when one of the competing leaders for power over China invited the other, but not with the intention of a common feast, but (physical) elimination.”

Among the most viewed films on the Chinese Internet is Yang Jiechi (杨洁篪) in which he says (as if he is wagging his finger) that “the United States has no right to speak to China” from a position of strength. “

– He points to.

In his opinion, “the course of conversations (spoken words and body language) and these reactions on the Chinese Internet do not bode well for anything good and confirm that the meeting in Alaska did not alleviate the situation. On the contrary, it was a step towards escalation …”

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