Tehran – “Bandar Band” by Iranian director Manijeh Hakamata won the NETPAC Award at the 6th Mount Oljo Film Festival on Sunday in Ulsan, South Korea.

The film revolves around several Iranian singers who will participate in an informal competition in a cafe in Tehran.

Hey, pregnant, along with other bandar members, her husband, and one of her close friends, begin their journey to Tehran from the southern provinces as soon as they lose all they had during the flood.

They keep their hopes up, but every route they take leads to a dead end in a flood-stricken country. They want to go to Tehran, but they wonder if this is another turning point in a vicious circle.

The main prize of the festival went to “The Wall of Shadows”, a co-production of Polish director Elisa Kubarska between Poland and Germany, and a special prize for the jury went to “Climbing”, an animated film by Kim Hae Mi from Korea. .

As the only mountain film festival in Korea, the 2018 Mount Oljo Film Festival has launched the NETPAC Award.

The popular documentary “Beloved” by Iranian director Yasser Talibi won the award in 2019.

Photo: A scene from the movie “Bandar Band” by Iranian director Manijeh Hikmat