Lorna Lee Torres, president of Magnolia Pictures International, announces strong sales in Cannes Drama by Udo Kier and selected by SXSW swan Song• Sundance Action Fiction May 1, Tribeca winner Queen With FameEntry to Sundance at midnight منتصف matrix error.

International Sales Director Torres and Magnolia Marie Zeniter visited Cannes as part of a fruitful trip.

rights swan Song They were in Great Britain (Peccadillo), Germany, Austria (Koch Media), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Australia, New Zealand (Icon), Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Iceland (NonStop), Canada (Mongrel), Latin America (Telefilmy), Poland (Tongariro) and airlines (Penny Black). (Airlines).

Magnolia will launch on August 6 in the US and Mongrel on August 13 in Canada. Todd Stevens directed Keira in a drama about a retired Ohio hairstylist who escapes from a nursing home after learning that his client is dying, and wants him to give her one last haircut.

May 1, starring Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, Soko, and Juliette Lewis, and traveled to the Volga for the CIS and first row for the Middle East Magnolia is planning the US premiere of this fall’s Karen Senor movie about a young woman who joins a women’s army in a secret world, only to learn she might not be the killer she wanted.

First performances from Cannes that day The Queen of Fame We’ve seen row 1 dominate the Middle East and AAA over Africa. First appearance of Nana Mensah (she starred in it farewell – parting the love And the upcoming drama on Netflix a chair Starring Sandra Oh and Jay Duplass) won Best New Fiction Director at the Tribeca Film Festival and centers on a Ghanaian American who unexpectedly inherits a Christian library in the Bronx. Starring Mensah alongside Miko Gattuso and Adam Leon.

Magnolia International has licensed the Sundance Midnight series Matrix error To Madman from Australia and New Zealand, Movistar Telefonica from Spain and Maiduan from France. Documentary Rodney Asher posits that we are in a Matrix-like structure and was previously sold to Dogwoof in the UK, NonStop in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Iceland, Capella Films in the CIS and Ale Kino+ in Poland. Magnolia Pictures and Mongrel released on February 5 in the United States and Canada, respectively.

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