On April 12, 1961, the first operation was performed in Wroclaw and one of the first operations in Poland in out-of-body trading. A team of specialists led by Professor. Wiktor Bross, Cardiac Surgeon and Dean of Polish Surgeons.

“Operation with a mechanical pump for intra-body circulation was possible thanks to the departure of Professor Wiktor Bross in the years 1958-59 on the Rockefeller Scholarship to the USA There, the distinguished cardiac surgeon in Wroclaw was not satisfied with the latest achievements in the treatment of heart defects in the circulatory system outside Not only the body, but also a very valuable gift from Polish society in America: the heart-lung machine. The pump delivered enabled the first heart bypass surgery in Wroclaw on April 12, 1961 ‘- written in a statement sent by the press service of the Medical University of Wroclaw .

In the times of deep communism in Poland, this was an achievement that cannot be overestimated. Thanks to this, Polish heart surgery has practically coincided with Western surgery, in both Europe and the United States, within only a few years, ”said Dr. Andrei Dominsky, cardiac surgeon from the Department of Cardiology at the University Hospital in Wroclaw. It quoted in the statement.

According to Dr. Roman Przybylski, a cardiac surgeon from the USK Center for Cardiology, it was kind of unfortunate that on the exact same day humanity sent astronaut Yuri Gagarin into space, so in the following weeks, instead of having a groundbreaking operation, people talked about the first human in The space. “It was a milestone in Polish heart surgery,” said Dr. Przybylski of the procedure performed on the extracorporeal circulation.

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“It should be noted that only 3 years ago, in 1958, Professor Wiktor Bruce performed the first open-heart surgery in Poland. And 5 years later, on March 31, 1966, he led the team that performed the first living donor kidney transplant in Poland As stated in the university’s press release.

a. Bruce has been the head of the second department and surgery clinic at the Medical University of Wroclaw for many years. (PAP)

Author: Roman Skiba

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