IPN and MEiN “Giants of Science” exercises conclude

June 22 2022

Przemyslav Kzarnik, Minister of Education and Science and President of the Institute for National Remembrance, Karol Nauruki, handed over certificates and certificates to the participants in the training of “giants of science. The forgotten are Polish scientists and inventors.” In total, nearly 300 teachers from all over Poland participated in this year’s edition of the project.

– We have many achievements and a great contribution to the development of science – Minister Przemyslav Czarnik told the participants of the IPN and MEiN training courses. The head of MEiN thanked the teachers for developing their professional competencies and interviewing Polish scientists.

The Minister of Education and Science also announced the creation of a Center for Polish Culture and Science in Rome. The center will popularize the achievements of the most prominent Poles among foreign tourists.

Training series “Giants of Science. Forgotten Polish Scientists and Inventors”

Nearly 300 teachers participated in this year’s edition of the training. A selected group of educators received diplomas and certificates from the Minister of Education and Science and the President of the Remembrance Institute. Given the topic, the exercises were attended not only by teachers of the humanities, but also by mathematicians and physicists.

The main theme of this year’s training course is “Giants of Science. The Forgotten Polish Scientists and Inventors”. The exercises were conducted throughout Poland, in all branches of the Institute of National Remembrance. The aim of the training was to present selected profiles of Polish scientists and explorers, as well as their inventions.

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The ‘Giant of Science’ chapter series has been prepared and implemented by the regional coordinators of the IPN chapters. Scholars from various universities across Poland were invited to collaborate and give lectures. The exercises were performed online, stationary, or mixed. The “Giants of Science” educational package was developed with the project participants in mind.

Training of the National Institute of Remembrance and MeiN

The training of humanities teachers is the result of an agreement signed by the Institute of National Remembrance and the Ministry of National Education in 2016. During the classes, teachers can deepen their knowledge and get acquainted with new materials and multimedia tools. They also learned how to use the acquired knowledge in the educational process. The first edition of the training was held in the 2016/2017 academic year.


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