Kacper Woryna will start with the “Wild Card” in the first competition of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship Tournament.

Kacper Woryna will start with a “wild card” in the first competition of the European TAURON Speedway Championship, which will take place on July 2 in Rybnik – the organizers have reported.

In 2020, 25-year-old Woryna left ROW Rybnik after eight years of competing in the colors of this club and moved to the team from Czestochowa.

This year’s TAURON SEC course will consist of four rounds; The next is in German Guestrow (August 6), ód (September 3), and the final is in Pardubice, Czech Republic (September 23).

Alternate participants in the competition in Rybnik are Ukrainian Marko Loyszyn (Sylfast Wilkie Krosno) and a 17-year-old student of the Rybnik club, about 17-year-old Bwe Terzinowski.

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And the title will be defended by Mikkel Michaelsen, the European champion, who earned the right to start the Grand Prix series thanks to his victory in the SEC series.

As he admitted, he is very proud of his two European Championship titles, but last year’s title from Rybnik tasted particularly good.

“I burned him in front of my fans, my family, my friends, because I live near this city. I won when things were not going well for me, she was walking over a cliff, trampling on thin ice” – he noted.

The first five riders from the previous cycle were sure to start in the new edition, while the rest competed in the qualifying rounds.

Lista startowa zawodów w Rybniku:

Mikkel Michelsen (Dania)
Leon Madsen (Dania) 
Patryk Dudek (Polska)
Piotr Pawlicki (Polska) 
Daniel Bewley (Wielka Brytania)
Andzejs Lebedevs (Łotwa) 
Dimitri Berge (Francja) 
Rasmus Jensen (Dania) 
Bartosz Smektała (Polska) 
Adam Ellis (Wielka Brytania) 
David Bellego (Francja) 
Kai Huckenbeck (Niemcy) 
Vaclav Milik (Czechy) 
Oliver Berntzon (Szwecja)
Janusz Kołodziej (Polska)
Kacper Woryna (Polska)  
Marko Lewiszyn (Ukraina) 
Paweł Trześniewski (Polska).

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