The creators of the game Kajko i Kokosz: Na Slices introduced the first gameplay from a very early pre-alpha. The material does not look good.

Kajko i Kokosz: Na Chips is a new Polish game that will debut in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, 5 and Xboxes. It will be a hack’n’slash RPG based on the Earthdawn platform. Very early pre-alpha gameplay introduced. Although work on the game is still in progress and a lot may change, the material is not optimistic.

Kajko i Kokosz: Slides – How to play

In the published trailer, we can see part of the gameplay of Kajko i Kokosz: Na Slices. It is a pity that production looks quite poor. I may complain but in my opinion The animation is very harsh and unnatural, the graphics are mediocre at best, and the dubbing feels as if it was taped in a basement. See for yourself and judge:

The characters of the players are described by classic traits, and their actions are performed by rolling dice (visible on the screen). The player will be able to take on the role of Kokosz, Kajka, Mirmiel, Wojtek Wit, Łamignat or Jaga, choosing one of the fifteen available disciplines, among others: warrior, magician, archer or troubadour. Character development will not be limited to one path, and using a special talent – versatility, the player will be able to combine, for example, a warrior and the powers of a magician.

– We read in the description of the film.

In the same description of the YouTube video, the creators confirm that the game will focus a lot on the story. In fact, Maciej Kur, creator of the new adventures of Kajka and Kokosz, and screenwriter of the series on Netflix, is working on the story. It is a pity that so far it looks bad. I hope a lot will change by 2023.

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