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Even Apple is wrong. Here are the biggest mistakes of the mysterious giant

an Apple Released up to four in October 2020 IphoneY. The smallest one with the note mini was to become a great offering for people looking for a smartphone with rugged specs, but small screen (iPhone 12 mini measures 5.4 inches in diagonal). Besides the mini version, the larger iPhone 12 (6.1 inches), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches), and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches) were also shown.

Apple ends production of iPhone 12 mini?

Production of the smallest new iPhones may end soon – William Yang says, JP Morgan Analyst. Based on the information from Apple’s note to investors, Yang said the US giant will be ditching the smallest iPhone 12 that was recently introduced in the second quarter of this year. This means Apple has ended production of the device even after just six months of the show.

According to analyst JP Morgan, the iPhone 12 mini has far worse sales results than its older brothers. CIRP accounts show that the miniaturized version was responsible for only 6 percent. IPhone 12 total sales in October and November. Demand was much lower than expected.

Moreover, iPhone 12 mini production projections have already been reduced by 11 million units. It is similar to the base model iPhone 12, whose expectations have been reduced by 9 million copies. The iPhone 12 mini will not disappear – at least for now – from the stores. Apple has an inventory of these devices that should last for some time.

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Apple will increase the production of other smartphones

In contrast, the company is alleged to be planning to increase production of iPhone 12 Pro Max by 11 million units to meet customer demand for Apple’s largest phone. It sells surprisingly well.

There is also slated to increase production of two other smartphones from Apple, which buyers often choose – iPhone 12 Pro (by 2 million units) and iPhone 11 (by 8 million units). Apparently, then, Apple did not better predict the preferences of its customers, who prefer larger smartphones over smaller ones. iOS.

Yang’s analysis shows that Apple’s sub-contractors will produce a total of 80 to 90 million iPhones in 2021. It is known from unofficial reports that Apple is already working on the third generation iPhone SE, which should debut in the first half of the year. 2022. In addition to the basic version with a small screen, the larger version should also be offered under the name iPhone SE Plus.