Success The ghost of Tsushima Not only will the creators of Sucker Punch Studio be delighted. Residents of Tsushima can also be happy with the game’s success, which definitely gained some notoriety after the production’s successful debut. to look into Nagasaki Prefecture Official WebsiteWith a section dedicated to the well-known sites of the game. I helped Yuichi Hirayama, the priest at Watatsumi Temple (located in the center of the island), when he began to raise money to repair the Tori Gate that had been struck by a tornado in a boiling heat. The purpose of the campaign is at Camp Fire. jp 5 million yen (about 178 thousand zlotys). However, after the end of work yesterday, it was found that more than 2,000 people donated a total of 27 million yen (approximately 968 thousand PLN), which is more than five times more.

Trash organizers confirmed that the campaign had the support of many fans The ghost of TsushimaAlthough the temple itself is absent from the game. There was special thanks to the players:

We have received massive support from players The ghost of TsushimaIt is a game that takes place in Tsushima. I feel this is a divine guidance.

The monument’s renovation should begin in March, and work is scheduled to be completed in August. A monument was also announced with lists of people who had donated at least 10,000 yen (about 360 zlotys) next to the restored gate.