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The next major iOS update (14.5) will include many new features, including new emojis, shortcuts, and support for Dual Sense and Xbox Series controllers. Along with the new version of the system, there will also be a fix for the iPhone 11 series of smartphones.

IOS 14.5 will allow iPhone 11 smartphone owners to recalibrate battery reports. The update is intended to help diagnose poor battery performance. Users reported unexpected battery wear and a generally low peak capacity.

It turns out the battery reports don’t match the actual battery condition. Apple will also offer a free battery replacement if recalibration in iOS 14.5 doesn’t help. The maximum capacity of the battery is determined by a number of algorithms and measurements made while using iPhones. It is updated periodically to improve accuracy.

Apple will replace the battery with a new one if the calibration process won’t help

The recalibration process for the iPhone 11 may take up to several weeks. Apple device owners will see the feature launch message when they go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health. The information will disappear after the recalibration process is complete. The user will also receive information about the current state of the battery.

If calibration fails, the iPhone will display a new message to inform you that the device is in need of service. In such cases, although there are few of them, Apple will offer a free battery replacement to restore the full performance of the device. Repairs must be done at a company authorized service center.

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