this year Holidays Easter will start with a slightly gloomy aura on the Easter Saturday, but the coming days will bring sunshine and heat. The weather will be warmer in the north of the country.

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Weather for Saturday, April 3. Rain and snow in some places

Great Saturday cloudy Throughout the country, in places of light. Weather forecasters predict rain and snow. Heavy rain can be expected in the mountains. In the foothills of the Carpathians, the snow cover increases by 4 cm (up to 8 cm), while in the Sudeten Foreland, in the Sudetes and in the Tatras by 8 cm (up to 10 cm), the winds can cause snowstorms.

The weather during the day is cooler in the northeast. On Suwałki, the thermometers will show 5 degrees. In Olsztyn and Bialimstoku 7 degrees, and to the north – v Gdansko And Koszalin – the temperature will drop to 6 degrees. It will be much warmer on Saturday in the west. Synoptics v SzczecinZielona Góra, Wrocław and Opole 8 degrees. The warmest city on Holy Saturday will be Warsaw – 9 degrees.

Easter weather. The temperature rises 11 degrees north

On Sunday, warming will reach Poland, cooler temperatures give way to spring, and cloud cover will leave in the west and east of the country, spoiling the aura a little on Saturday. in a Easter Holiday It will stay only in southern Poland. According to the information Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, No rain or snow is expected.

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The weather will be much warmer in northern Poland – thermometers in Szczecin and Gdansk will show 11 degrees. A little colder in the south. in a Katowice The temperature will fluctuate around 7 degrees, while in Krakow and Rzeszow it will be 8 degrees in Toru, and 10 degrees in the capital – 9 degrees.

Weather for Easter Day. The temperature reaches 14 degrees

On Easter, the clouds will be the smallest and only in the west of the country. Weather forecasters expect rain in Lubelskie Voivodeship, and no downpours in other parts of the country.

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It will be the warmest in the west – in Szczecin and Zilona Gora the temperature will rise to 14 degrees, in Poznan and Kozzalin it will reach 13 degrees, and in Gdansk and Bidgusz thermometers will appear 12 degrees. In the south, it is cooler – in Krakow and Kielce 10 degrees.