Designers promise that our lives will be better now… J.What are the main trends in interior design that will become popular in the fall of 2021? Huge changes await us – the interiors will take on a new character. The key to interior design and decoration will be the division of apartments and houses into clearly separate zones. We’re also moving away from the glamorous style in favor of a more neutral, muted arrangement. Nat will be successfulOral materials – make the interior more comfortable. We’re moving away from loft style in favor of a warmer, classic vibe. We hand-paint the old-fashioned – everything that is antique becomes very fashionable.

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Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021 – The End of Open Spaces

This is perhaps the biggest revolution in interior design in recent years! Highly fashionable for more than a decade, open floor plans for apartments and houses are losing their popularity! There is even a rise of apartments for rent in Houston that might be waiting for you. Perhaps it was the pandemic that accelerated this change – the open word plan turned out to be less effective. The concept of open kitchen and living room has definitely become obsolete. Most of us have spent a lot of time at home in the last year and a half and have come to realize that the open concept works great for socializing but isn’t very comfortable on a daily basis. Rooms that were previously used as a representative space have been converted into multifunctional offices for parents with a home workspace. It turns out that the need for privacy has become the most important in our homes. So we try to divide the space.

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The living room and kitchen work best as two separate interiors. Where we can’t do the renovation, we introduce the decorative screens, which will be a hit in the fall of 2021. According to specialists, in the following years it will become popular to place worktops separating the kitchen from the living room. The idea of ​​open space is becoming a thing of the past. Designers for a stronger separation between individual zones. In their projects, they also take into account the separation of rooms from home offices and … small power rooms.

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Fall 2021 Interior Trends – Earth Colors and a Beige Palette

Anything with a more earthy, neutral color is perfect for fall 2021. Beige is gaining popularity when it comes to choosing interior paints. In the fall/winter 2021/22 season, we’re also seeing the return of brown – it’s a very strong ’80s style that can bring a lot of warmth to a room, depending on how it’s used. Like other “earth colors” – in 2021, these shades were available at the shows of popular interior design stores. Natural stone is also back. And we are not talking about marble, which is slowly becoming less popular, but about sandstone, which is great for giving your home a feeling of warmth and comfort. The glowy autumnal orange and shades of Amberglow are a great feel and pair well with other neutral shades like gray and sandy shades.

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Interior Trends Fall 2021