The authors of Gran Turismo 7 have devoted a lot of time to improving the perception of cars, while not forgetting some tastes that can make racing fans smile. In the production of Polyphony Digital, you can come across flying objects.

The latest edition of Gran Turismo is praised for its realistic gameplay, attention to the smallest details of cars and aspects of car making. Although the developers have been strongly accused of not tuning the site out of the race tracks – particularly the image of fans watching the struggle or the emergence of vegetation – it’s worth appreciating their efforts in adding funny Easter eggs.

While traveling along one of the roads in Gran Turismo 7, we will see a UFO kidnapping a cow from a nearby meadow. After the “hostage” is kidnapped, the aliens fly away. Interestingly, the full effect can be noticed only after a long pause and zoom in. This helps to position the image, which gives the possibility of a more accurate observation of elements significantly far from the place of the main event.

As it turns out, the flying spaceship isn’t the only surprise you can come across during the competition. The studio has also added accessories such as monkeys and Nessie, which we will also meet in certain moments of the game. Anyway, check out all the attractions mentioned in the articles below.