The new Nest Audio replaces the original Google Home speaker.

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The new Google Smart Speaker for your home takes a completely new design – and a new name. From specification to appearance, Nest Audio It is the next generation full size smart speaker for everyday use.

There is a lot more we know about the Fabric Cover device, and a lot more remains to be discovered. For example, we know it promises to improve speaker volume by an impressive percentage, but we have to see how Nest Audio stacks up Recently updated Amazon Echo In real world tests. if it was Nest Audio Specifications Any indication, this could be the Alexa killer that Google was hoping for.

We’ll walk you through the most important things to know the price, colors, date of sale, and Nest Audio features. We’ll explain what the new name means for the other Google Home ($ 99 at Walmart) And Nest devices.

What is Nest Audio and which Google speaker does it replace?

Nest Audio replaces the original Google House However, despite the similar name, it is not a successor to Google nest. Other smart speakers from Google you can buy today include the higher-end models Google Home Max, Live Minnie (Previously Google Home Mini) And the Nest Hub And the Nest Hub Max Smart screens.

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Nest Audio is Google’s new smart speaker


How much does Nest Audio cost and when does it go on sale?

right Now , Google Store Pre-orders take from Nest Audio for $ 100 (£ 90, AU $ 149) but will lose $ 20 for every two you buy, making them $ 90 each. Google will begin shipping Nest Audio orders in the US, Canada and India on October 5. The device will be available at retailers in physical stores and in 21 countries starting October 15th.

What colors does Nest Audio come in?

You can buy the Nest Audio in five pastel colors: Chalk (white), charcoal (black), sage (green), sand (pink), and sky (blue). Interestingly, Google reports that the mesh, tissue-like material that surrounds the speaker is made from 70% recycled plastic.


The Nest Audio comes in five colors and costs $ 99 apiece, or $ 89 each when purchasing sets of two.

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What has been improved on the first Google Home?

The new Nest Audio system replaces the Google Home 2-inch woofer with a 3-inch woofer for controlling bass and a 3-inch woofer for loud bass. There is also a quad core processor instead of the original Google Home dual core processor, which should make response times faster and help create richer sound.

Same as the refreshed Nest Mini last year ($ 50 at Best Buy), Nest Audio has a dedicated machine learning chip that performs on the device some preprocessed processing in Google’s cloud data centers (translation: faster responses, better privacy).

Also, instead of sounding like an air freshener or a miniature nuclear power plant, the Nest Audio is a bit like a loaf, which I personally find is an improvement.

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Nest Audio is rolling out another speaker from Google Home under the Google Nest banner.

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Are all Google Home speakers now Nest Audio?

Between my country Google Home disturbs pets, The obvious brand is the one that bothered me time and time again. With so many Nest-branded smart speakers, it definitely appears that Google is adopting “Nest” as the new name for the brand. However, the company also bounced back and forth multiple times, which confused it. My guess is the Nest is here to stay.

Which mobile app will Nest Audio use: Google Home or Nest?

Part of the confusion surrounding the new name is the app you’ll use to control Nest Audio from your phone. There are two mobile apps – one for Nest, one for Google Home – but the device names don’t match the apps. The Nest app guides the smart company Thermostat, Smoke detector And the Cameras, But if you want to set up the Nest Mini or, more likely, Nest Audio, you will have to use the Google Home app.

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Everything was just announced at the Google Pixel 5 event


Are there any new Google Assistant commands?

If there is, Google hasn’t announced it alongside the new Nest Audio smart speaker. Instead, Google shines a light on the speakers Sound feature in the entire homeThe company recently did Updated with better controls. Additionally, Google dedicated a large portion of its presentation to YouTube Music, Which it says will be adding some features in the coming weeks (presumably independent of the Nest Audio launch).

It’s easy to overlook the new, but don’t forget the new Nest Audio is an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker, very. And just like previous Google Home speakers, it is likely Make a great speaker, As well. Anytime you set up a new speaker on Google Home, the Google Assistant might attack you with suggestions. Here’s how to turn it off.

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