– What a hell. In occupied Kherson, residents are now forced to apologize to the camera for being Ukrainian patriots. “I went through a cycle of de-Nazification,” says a woman with teary, teary eyes in the recalled script, writes BBC Russian journalist Andrei Zakharov (left Russia for Great Britain), publishing the film.

The film likely shows a Ukrainian woman who first introduces herself by name and then says she pleads guilty when she calls Russian army soldiers “goblins” and that she underwent a “de-Nazification course”. Apologies to the citizens of the Russian Federation.

The woman speaks in a broken voice, stammering and stammering.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Kherson is currently under the control of Russian forces. Ukraine is under a brutal Russian invasion. The number of victims is increasing every day, including among the civilian population. The fierce Ukrainian resistance forced Russia to withdraw from Kyiv and focus on aggression in eastern and southern Ukraine.

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