In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, Truss said talks are underway to ensure not only Ukrainebut also the defensive “NATO standard” of MoldovaTo deter future attacks. Asked about the details, and in particular whether it wanted to provide Moldova with Western weapons and intelligence, the head of British diplomacy hinted that this was planned.

Moldova equipped according to NATO standards?

I would like Moldova to be equipped according to NATO standards. This is a discussion we are having with our allies – She said. put it in He clearly speaks of his ambitions to create a greater Russia. The fact that his attempts to seize Kyiv were unsuccessful does not mean that he gave up these ambitions – She added.

As the Daily Telegraph points out, if these plans are adopted, NATO members will supply Moldova with modern weaponsIt would replace Soviet-era equipment and train soldiers how to use it. The move would be an apparent extension of British military support to the region and another sign that it sees the invasion of Ukraine as a long-term turning point.

Putin will attack Moldova?

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, there were fears that Vladimir Putin may want to expand conflict to MoldovaEspecially since in one part of this country there was a pro-Russian quasi-state – Transnistria – which for years was not recognized by the international community, which would facilitate the invasion.

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from London Bartłomiej Niedziński