A book was published in Italy called “On the Road in Search of the Truth” It contains letters written between the Italian mathematician and atheist Benedict XVI. Bergiorgio Odfredi also describes his meetings with Pope Senior since 2013. The president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, who is the author of the introduction, called this publication “a dialogue between faith and science, in which appears – albeit from different positions – a common goal, which is the search for truth,” Vatican Radio reports.

In “On the Way in Search of the Truth” (“In the cammino alla ricerca della verità”, Rizzoli Publishing House), Odifreddi fully publishes his correspondence with the First Pope and recalls the five personal meetings that took place after his resignation. This is another exchange of ideas between him and Benedict XVI.

In the introduction to the book of the father. Card. Gianfranco Ravasi asserts that it is similar to the “Square of Nations”, implemented by the religion he is responsible for, where two languages ​​and two concepts – scientific and theological – meet in search of truth. The discussion includes, inter alia, a historical topic on Jesus and the Christ of faith. From the letters you can also learn about the daily life and health of Pope Senior. In 2018, he wrote to his interlocutor: “Unfortunately, my health is deteriorating, so I do not know if we will meet again.”

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In the preface to his earlier book containing the Letters of Pope Senior, Oudefrieddi presented himself as “a mathematician by profession and an atheist by choice who decided to write on religious subjects (of course, and fortunately, as well as other subjects in mathematics), but also entered into a dialogue with church officials and conducted Discussions on topics of their own.

Beata Zajączkowska, Vatican / vaticannews.va