Apple showed off a new iMac. It is beautiful and cheap. But … Thank you, I’ll stay.

I’ve been using the iMac 27 for two years now. This is my main computer and I can’t imagine I could replace it with anything else. It is true that after a moment of showing the MacBook Pro with the M1 and after learning about their amazing capabilities and performance, I thought about getting such a computer and installing a large screen in it, but … I can’t. My mind and human dignity do not allow me. I am no longer twelve years old.

It originated from Linux, it originated from CyanogenMod, it originated from the combination of gang warfare and the computer. I’m not going to buy a MacBook Pro with a stand / stand, adapter, adapters, and an external monitor, as I can have two things on my desk: the iMac and the system. You see, I’m old now and RIGCZ, I don’t allow such stupid games.

Well I am working on this old iMac and awaiting the new Apple products. I watch today’s conference with a glowing face and broken screen shots because We run a live blog with young people.

Show green apples. nasty.

Yellow. disastrous.

orange. BLE.

red. No eggs.

Violet. The beach is with your permission.

blue. Sorry Companion, Alya Padaka.

Once again, I thought RIGCZ would block iMac purchases. Where do I put this color freak? What is the interior that fits? Perhaps for honesty in kindergarten as it was found.

For a moment, I began to feel sorry that this shutdown had ended. When my son had kindergarten in the form of electronic lessons, I still had some explanation about a computer for dancing and singing in the village at home.

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Apple iMac 2021

These screenshots were taken so quickly that I missed the silver iMac. The non-annoying person.

Phew! IMac is back in the game. I think I’ll buy it.

I keep watching.

Keyboard with Touch ID. Well buy it.

Then the information that the iMac will not only be childish in color, but also baby size. Twenty-four inches. laughing loudly.

I got a 27-inch iMac years ago. Slowly it appears to be very small. I would like more. After years of waiting, Apple is offering a change to 24in for an additional fee.

Humor and sarcasm.

Thank you, I will stay. Human reason and dignity do not allow me to make such a transfer.

P.S. But I don’t want to just whine and find nothing for myself. The new iPad Pro will be mine. I haven’t decided whether it is 11 or 12.9. “