The past is a time when building a house meant a long-term task, which often resulted in a house that was too large, difficult to heat, and expensive to operate. Today, prefabricated house designs and a very diverse offer offer investors great freedom of choice and the ability to optimally adjust the design according to specific needs.

Studio ARCHON + offers many interesting offers in different categories, among them a large selection of house designs of up to 100 square meters, created for investors who dream of a small, comfortable and beautiful house, systematically extended with new proposals, including home designs Cheap under construction. For many families, building a house of 100 square meters can be a very attractive alternative to buying an apartment. Here are some projects selected from this category.

A space dedicated to needs, i.e. the “House in lipienniki” project

There are designs that never lose their charm. It belongs to them “House in Lipeniki” – Although this one-story structure is a simple structure with a gable roof, it impresses with functionality, being an excellent proposition for modern users. From the outside, it looks modest and classic, while interior visualizations allow you to discover the possibilities of arrangement. The open day area includes a comfortable living room area with spacious sofa, dining room with family table, kitchen with breakfast bar and pantry. Interesting accents were proposed in the arrangement. Here, for example, one of the living room walls is decorated with elegant brickwork, as well as lighting designer wall lamps. The method of finishing the facade and the interior corresponds to each other – the facades are decorated with wooden cladding and light stucco, which also appears a little differently in the daytime zone, where wood, white and gray predominate. The night zone application program includes the parents’ bedroom with its own wardrobe and two children’s rooms. In turn, we will find in the gas boiler room a convenient place for washing clothes in the house.

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Tiny house – lots of light, or “house in Lucerne 10”

Often a house with an attic is an ideal width for small plots of land. Another advantage is the possibility of practically isolating the day zone from the night zone by placing them on separate floors. The project takes advantage of the potential of a small space Lucerne House 10which may appear less spacious than it actually is from the outside. The open day area on the ground floor attracts attention with its excellent lighting, which is due to proper glazing. One of them leads from the living room to the balcony, which is beautifully decorated with a wooden pergola. When grown together with a vine, it will be a delightful decoration of the garden facade, giving it lightness and grace. The dining room overlooking the garden is located next to the living room, and the perfectly planned functions in the kitchen and pantry ensure comfortable work. Box “House in Lucerne” It has three bedrooms with spacious wardrobes and a home laundry room, which will greatly improve the organization of housework and maintain order throughout the house.

Lightness of a small body, or “House in Greenhouses 12”

Anyone looking for a modern small house design will be pleasedسعد “Domem w renklodach 12”. Its sloping roof is covered with flat tiles, the color of which is anthracite, harmoniously in harmony with all the finishing materials for the facade. Large glazing adds character, the roofed terrace serves as a summer dining room and directly accessible from the living room is part of the day area – open, bright and functionally arranged. Three bedrooms and a fully equipped bathroom provide a comfortable and quiet private space for the home. In the gas boiler room, we can successfully arrange a home laundry with storage space. Through the vestibule we also have one garage available, clearly protruding from the front elevation line.

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small studio homes ARCHON + They will accommodate everything necessary to live comfortably – you just need to well define your needs and choose the right project.