Sony offered a free upgrade to Horizon Forbidden West from PS4 to PS5, but even then, players were pretty excited to get access to the more expensive version. For no reason, those interested paid an additional 40 PLN.

We have already reported on the Horizon Forbidden West pricing issue. After many negative feedback, Sony has confirmed the free game update from PS4 to PS5, but we can still purchase two separate copies of the game on the PlayStation Store. The current generation title is PLN 40 more expensive.

Sony may have trouble misleading players, because in the company’s store through PS5 we can only buy the version for PLN 339 – instead of the cheaper version for PLN 299, which, due to the free update, offers the same content.

We can be sure that Sony’s strategy has yielded a satisfactory result because According to data from Great Britain – up to 67% of Horizon Forbidden West titles sold are PS5 destined.

Horizon Forbidden West has been in great demand in general on the PlayStation Store – 49% of the copies bought by players came from PSN. This is more than double the result of Horizon Zero Dawn compared to March 2017.

It should be noted that in the case of physical distribution as well, players were more likely to have access to the PS5 version – which, however, in this case can be explained by the box itself, since collectors were more likely to put the PlayStation 5 version on the shelf in digital distribution – There is no such reason.

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