The 2022 season is the second season in which Robert Lambert will be a regular participant in the major motorcycle racing series. He hasn’t made it to the finals of a single tournament yet, but he’s hoping that will change soon.

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Robert Lambert wearing a white helmet

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This talented Briton kicked off his adventure with the SGP course on a “wider scale” in the 2019 season, when he was replacing Greg Hancock from reserve number one. Then the American withdrew from the competitions, taking care of his sick wife, while Robert Lambert was in his place.

The following year, thanks to winning the European Singles Championship, he secured his participation in this prestigious series for the 2021 season. He competed with the best for the first time as a regular participant in the series, which chose the world champion, tenth place. At the end of the season, he and his teammates from the British national team won gold medals in the Speedway of Nations, thus ending the country’s expectation with a victory in the team struggle that has been going on since 1989.

When it comes to getting started in the MotoGP Grand Prix, Robert Lambert entered the semi-finals five times in 11 events last year. He finished two Wrocaw Championships in eighth place, plus he finished the course successfully. In competition in Vojens and twice in Toruń, he finished the competition in fifth place and twice in sixth place in a row. Admittedly, in doing well at Toruń Motoarena could be helped by starting in the local Apator colors, however, they were still winning places among the best competitors in the world.

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He will learn from his mistakes

Despite the fact that in the last three installments of the series last year, the Briton mentioned in the semi-finals, he is still waiting for his performance in the final round of one championship. Will he finally reach the finals of the 2022 season?

– I can definitely do that. This should have happened last season, but we made some mistakes. However, you can learn from them. I will use this knowledge and experience next season. As you can see in the last three rounds of the previous cycle, my performance was much better. So if you’re just starting where you left off, this season should be good for me – says Robert Lambert, quoted by

In the 2022 season, Robert Lambert will be a regular participant in the Grand Prix cycle for the second timeIn the 2022 season, Robert Lambert will be a regular participant in the Grand Prix cycle for the second time

After the representative of Great Britain won gold medals with the national team in the Speedway of Nations, he decided to raise the preparations for the upcoming competition to the highest level. This shows that he is determined to be in the best possible manner before competing fully in the Speedway Grand Prix for the second time.

He wants to confirm that he deserves a place among the elite

– Once the season ended – and even before that we went ahead and tried to raise the level of preparedness compared to the year before. Everything is definitely on track and we are already a step ahead of what we were at the same time a year ago. For me, I feel so much better and more confident at the start of next season. I’m just waiting for the weather to improve so I can get on the right track, because everything is ready – adds the Briton.

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After finishing 10th in last year’s competition, Lambert couldn’t be sure of his performance in the SGP Series in the 2022 season. Fortunately for him, organizers awarded him one of the permanent “wild cards”. The player will certainly want to present himself as best he can to ensure that this decision was not a mistake.

– Last year I demonstrated my mural at the Grand Prix. Now is the time to show my reason for being there and to affirm that I deserve to have a “wild card” – Robert Lambert said at the end.

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