Racing fans have a lot of things to be happy about, because they can play the new version of Assetto Corsa Competizione for a few days, now they can control the cars in GRID Legends, and soon they will go to the tracks prepared for Gran Turismo 7 Live does not die right?

sit for GRID Legends I didn’t have very high expectations. I was convinced it would be another unremarkable race car, and would be the perfect title for Sunday players looking to take a couple of online races over the weekend and postpone the match until next week. However, I quickly changed my faith, because the revised race gave me more fun than I expected.

Drive to Survi… Glory in GRID Legends is bull’s-eye

It is worth starting the review with the fact that GRID Legends It offers a lot of content. One of the most interesting modules is undoubtedly the story mode, which in this case was titled Drive to Glory. Seeing this name immediately comes to mind, focusing on Formula 1 Drive to Survive, which is performed by Netflix. And there is nothing wrong with that, because many similar solutions have been used here.

While learning a story that focuses on the unknown driver competing in all kinds of competitions with the number “22”, those interested can consider not only the basic assumptions of the game and the rules, but also how brutal the world of motorsports is from the inside. You could even say that the main driving force behind the campaign is the slogan: “Nothing is as beautiful as it might seem from behind the TV.”

The following chapters of the adventure, which take us, for example, to Austria (Red Bull Ring) or Japan (Suzuka), we observe not only from the perspective of the driver, who must achieve the goals assigned to him during each race, but also as a spectator. Cinematic scenes (it is worth noting that they were not created on the game engine, but were recorded with a camera with the participation of real actors) show how the constant competition on the track and in the track affects the psychology of drivers and the number of misfortunes they face. You must face.

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Driven to Glory is the most interesting mode in GRID LegendsWhich consists of exactly 36 chapters. Altogether it gives you about 6-8 hours of exciting fun (it should be noted that during this you can taste each of the single player modes: normal race, elimination, drift, fast lap, etc.), although the game time in may This unit is longer, if you fail to complete some objectives the first time.

Not the same story mode GRID Legends Neighborhood. In addition to him, we have a regular career with a model command center (including unlocking team and co-driver skills or upgrading purchased cars), from which we participate in competitions designed by developers. Attention was also paid to creating a non-standard Grand Prix, where we fight with bots or friends in cooperation. Of course, the online modes are not forgotten, where we fight fierce battles for the highest position on the platform with other real players.

Driving model improvements

GRID Legends Review - The Green Car

Online and in-professional racing are divided into several classes of cars – we feature sports cars, muscle cars, electric cars, trucks and off-road vehicles, and we get to know them all in depth while driving the above to glory. During the pre-premiere tests, I thought that the driving model was poor and that only road cars would give some driving satisfaction, and now I can say in my heart that the premium driving model in GRID Legends It fits perfectly with the assumptions of the game.

Controlling vehicles is so much fun and you can finally feel like we are in control of the vehicle. Just ABS and traction and stability control mean the car doesn’t stick to the asphalt like gum stuck in a pocket — it’s easy to slip, clog the wheels, and in some cases even tear the tire off the track.

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The exception is drift, which is so heavy that you immediately refuse to participate in this type of competition. All you have to do is press the handbrake button, and the car will instantly turn 45 degrees and slow down to extremely low speeds. Better to brake yourself and take a sharper turn naturally, making sure that we do not receive any additional penalties for exceeding the limits of the track.

driving model in GRID Legends Far from, say, Forza Horizon 5 and I think it’s closer to Need for Speed: Heat. If you have the opportunity to operate it, know that the vehicles have it GRID Legends They behave similarly to those in Heat – also in drift, where the bricks simply resemble bathtubs that clean the asphalt.

Smart bots and cool graphics


Being really into the technical aspects, you need to distinguish AI in the first place. opponents in GRID Legends You don’t run stupidly on the road and in most cases they apply the principle of “fair play” without changing the brake line at the last minute. They try not to slow down on straight lines, which gives the receiver an advantage at lower difficulty levels, and most importantly – they make mistakes in the same way as the average player. More than once I noticed that an AI slipped, crashed into the board, thus smashing its vehicle. There are also random events here, such as a puncture or engine failure.

It could happen to us, too, as long as realism enthusiasts benefit from the inclusion of full vehicle damage. These include, among others suspension failure which translates to torsion or engine performance – what will be damaged to a greater or lesser extent depends on whether we hit sideways (least losses) or frontal (medium or large – depends on momentum) On the elements that separate the track from the stands. It is worth noting that during long sessions I did not have a punctured tire at all, for example. It is possible that this item was reserved for SI only so as not to frustrate the recipient.

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Moreover, in GRID Legends There is also an enemy, competitor and ally system on the ring. The first appears when we hit them intentionally or accidentally during a competition, and the second is selected in story mode from above, just like the third. While the last two do not matter much, because we have to either beat them or cooperate in order to score as many points as possible, the first should be avoided, because when overtaking, it can make a rude turn on us and cause us harm. . It looks interesting.

It is also interesting in terms of graphics. This works very well – these are not bells and whistles, but Codemasters included high detailing of the surroundings, a lot of detail and great car design (also the interior – it’s slim, but the clocks work correctly, and in the latest cars, even some gadgets on the dashboard), Which finally allows me to say it GRID Legends It looks very good and stable at the same time. There is only one graphics mode on Sony devices that maintains a rate of 60 frames per second.

It is worth paying attention to GRID Legends

reviewed GRID Legends It is a decent production for people who are not looking for a simulator, but an arcade racer who can relax and forget about hectic daily duties for a while. Codemasters are very positively surprised, introducing an interesting story mode, a fun driving model, and plenty of content that will last up to dozens of hours of exciting fun. If only we could improve the drift a bit more and offer at least a slightly higher difficulty level (someone with thousands of hours to race would find almost no challenge here (and I think they should look more at Gran Turismo 7, which is a simulator), I think the title is from Electronic Arts He will earn more in my eyes.