Last week, Guerrilla Games introduced longer gameplay than Horizon Forbidden West, which despite being pleased with the locations and offering new opponents, has spurred some players into a heated discussion. Aloy’s appearance turned out to be problematic, with some viewers thinking she was “gained” and “ugly”.

Horizon Forbidden West . is finally revealed!, which motivated many IP proponents – although we still don’t know the exact release date. The PlayStation community drew attention in many cases to the effective presentation of the post-apocalyptic world and … the appearance of the main character, which did not necessarily appeal to the audience.

Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, according to players’ reviews, looks “fat”, “masculine” and compared to Ellie or Abby from The Last of Us 2, that is, the characters who fought for survival every day and refined make-up turned out to be unimportant to them. The protagonist of the Dutch guerrilla games IP is evaluated in a similar vein, moreover, some recipients boldly believe that the developers should work hard on the appearance of the heroine.

A storm broke out on the web and many discussions emerged. Some people are starting to defend Aloy’s “updated look”, explaining some changes with the capabilities of the new platform (the game is now being developed from scratch on PS5), different lighting, and even the fact that 6 months have passed between the excitement. From the first part of production and continuing – during this time a lot can happen. However, it should be noted that the female characters in the games are primarily to represent different women, and their role is not limited to the show according to the currently adopted law.

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In your opinion – does Aloe’s new look require changes?