One of the most important Catholic clergy in Asia, Card. Joseph Zane, arrested in Hong Kong by a local resident on Wednesday May 11 the police. As I mentioned ReutersA cleric and several others were charged with “collusion with foreign forces”.

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“The authorities do not understand and do not listen to the citizens. We want democracy.”

Hong Kong. Card. Zain arrested on charges of “collusion with foreign forces”

According to agency sources, a total of five people have been arrested in connection with the case – in addition to the cardinal, Zenem also includes lawyer Margaret Ng, activist and pop singer Denise Ho, former lawyer Cyd Ho and former academic Hui Po-keung. They were all released on bail, but their passports were confiscated under the National Security Act.

The detainees were linked to the 612 Humanitarian Aid Fund, which helped the detainees during the anti-democracy campaign with the Chinese protests In 2019. The organization provided medical support and legal aid funding. However, the institution was dissolved last year.

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Hong Kong’s historic rule. He was carrying a flag – he will respond to terrorism

Card. The targeting of Joseph Zane by the Chinese authorities. Vatican Comments

for the arrest case priest Referring to Vatican. The Holy See received concern message About the arrest of Cardinal Zin and is closely watching the development of the situation – Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni told reporters, according to Al Bawaba The actions of the Hong Kong authorities also condemned the United States.

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A 90-year-old card. Joseph Zinn Z Keon, Retired Archbishop Hong KongHe is also a well-known supporter of the local democratic movement. The pro-government press had previously accused him of encouraging students to revolt. The cardinal also criticized the agreement concluded in 2018. China With the Holy See regarding the appointment of bishops.

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