Nowadays, converting cryptocurrencies is much easier than before. But at the same time, finding a trusted source for digital assets can still be a rather difficult challenge. It requires hours of research to find a reliable calculator that allows for a safe XRP to ETH conversion.

This article addresses this issue by discussing the pros and cons of various notable XRP to ETH exchange calculators

Let’s get started!

Best Exchanges for Cryptocurrency Conversion


Godex is one of the most reliable sources for XRP to ETH conversion. This exchange has many advantages, so it is at the top of our list.


  • As a P2P converter, users control their own wallets. 
  • Users can choose from a long list of currency pairs.
  • Transaction speeds are faster than many other exchanges.
  • No transaction limits mean users can make as many daily exchanges as they wish. 


  • Godex has no fiat currency exchange support. 


Kraken is a popular exchange for higher EUR liquidity and security. 


  • Kraken supports higher liquidity than many other alternatives.
  • Users can receive trading options for margin trading and futures.
  • The platform allows for customization. Hence, users have better position options with order type varieties.


  • The exchange has lower leverage for trading.
  • Some users might find currency deposits expensive.


This particular exchange is a safe and open-source option for trading cryptocurrencies. 


  • Users don’t need to do KYC. It is a decentralized exchange.
  • Users can use mobile apps. Both Android and iOS are supported.
  • Bisq supports Zelle and 26 other payment methods. 
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  • It’s not easy to use.
  • It’s expensive in terms of fees.
  • The exchange has a plan to team up with other companies, meaning more third parties will have access to user data.


Coinbase is generally accepted as a safe cryptocurrency exchange, so we included it on our list.


  • Users can choose from a variety of altcoins with 25 currency options. 
  • The user interface is quite simple to use.
  • Its liquidity is better than many other exchanges.


  • Unless Coinbase Pro is used, consumers have to pay higher fees.
  • Wallet keys can’t be controlled by the user.
  • Serious altcoin traders might find that the pairs fall short of their expectations.


Binance is a familiar name among cryptocurrency exchanges. Although it has some good features, some disadvantages are also discussed here:


  • Exchange fees are lower than others.
  • It offers a variety of trading pairs and digital assets to choose from.
  • The charting tool is quite advanced.


  • The Binance international platform has more trading pairs than Binance.US.
  • Binance.US is not supported in seven US states including New York. 
  • Binance faced a hacking dilemma in 2019, and money-laundering investigations are ongoing.

Convert Ethereum to Ripple on the Platform 

  1. Select ETH in the You Send field. Input XRP in the other field.
  2. Enter your wallet address to start the exchange.
  3. The exchange process will start after the deposit. You will get XRP in minutes.
  4. The confirmation will be sent to you.


We created this article to provide the best possible options for someone looking for an XRP to ETH calculator. These conversion platforms must demonstrate a strong safety and trading-fee structure in order to be reliable. In professional cases, investors must find the perfect balance between personal financial goals and the features of the calculators in order to efficiently serve both needs.

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The above comparison of five exchanges should be enough to get you started.