Tom Brennan could certainly find his 2021 season successful. Along with Ty, Wenden, Robert Lambert and Dan Bewley, he won the World Speedway of Nations Championship, but also became the UK Under-21 Champion. The 20-year-old has spent most of the season in the UK, racing in the Premier League for Belle Vue Aces and defending for the Glasgow Tigers in the lower league. Orzeł Łódź has revealed another card, stating that Tom Brennan will remain a FC Lodz player next season.

– I am very happy with the way Lodz treats me. They helped me develop in the winter and watched me do it in the UK which is a good thing. I have a good relationship with Adam Skórnicki, which is also helpful. I definitely want to race in Poland regularly next year – reveals Tom Brennan.

The Briton cannot complain about the atmosphere prevailing in لودód, because he has good relations not only with Adam Skornicki. I agree very well with Luke Becker, although I have only known him for a year. He’s a nice friend so it’s nice to have someone you know in لودód. There’s also Brady Kurtz, who was my bell faux teammate, and Marcin Nowak, who I’m traveling with in Glasgow, so I have a good relationship with some guys from Lodz, he says.

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Dan Bewley, after several seasons in the British League, decided to take a break and, starting in the 2022 season, he will not participate in league matches in the UK. Did Tom Brennan consider changing the British League to the Swedish League? I’m pretty busy in the UK now, competing in a couple of tournaments, so it wasn’t my idea for Sweden. Next year I want to drive regularly in Poland and compete in both championships in the UK, which is the goal. If there was an option for Sweden to play, I would consider it, but for now I’m happy with the UK and Poland, Brennan adds.