A member of the Bigoraj City Council has submitted an inquiry regarding the ban on driving school vehicles from entering central Biłgoraj. The application was examined with the participation of an employee of the county road authority and the director of the municipal road service. Will such a solution be offered?

My questioning is motivated by the fact that city streets are still sufficiently congested, and driving school vehicles increases this effect – said Marcin Mora, Counsellor of the Bujurai City Council in office.

Therefore, the commission made a detailed official and legal analysis of the legality of introducing such a ban.

According to Rule 1 sec. 2 – Annex 3 to the Regulations of the Minister of Infrastructure dated October 27 20 05 regarding training, examination and acquisition of qualifications by vehicle drivers, trainers and examiners, the purpose of training is to prepare applicants for obtaining a license to drive motor vehicles or trams. , hereinafter referred to as “People” to drive the appropriate types of vehicles or groups of vehicles in a manner that does not endanger the safety and order of the road. The training includes practical and theoretical training. Moreover, the legislator points out at $ 8 a second. 1 of the above-mentioned annex, that the scope of the practical part of the internal examination (training), evaluation criteria and duration, are subject to ii. 2 You must comply with the rules for taking a practical driving test.

Guidelines on how to implement it are included, among other things, in paragraph 9 sec. 3 Instructions for conducting state examinations for obtaining a driver’s license or permit, where the test route must be determined so that the traffic volume (during peak hours) is not less than 400 vehicles per hour for each single lane – We read in the explanatory note to the application.

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This means that government training or driving tests cannot take place in random places, but in places determined by the legislator. One of the few places that meet the above criteria in Biłgoraj poviat is the city of Biłgoraj, where the WORD Zamość branch is located.

– The legislator’s assumption when conducting state and internal tests is to verify the ability to perform basic road maneuvers, which constitute daily modes of communication between drivers. Only such training, conducted in standard conditions prevailing in road traffic, is most effective in preparing the trainee for autonomous driving. This in turn translates into more road safety in the future. It is proven by the committee examining the application.

Besides, there is no sign on the road that says “No drivers driving school vehicles are allowed to enter”.

For these reasons, the advisor’s questioning was considered unfounded. So there will be no such ban.