All three players with wild cards were crushed in the IMŚJ semi-finals at Güstrow. Matthews Uednicki was seventh, Lucas Bowman eighth and Matthew Gilmore tenth, but the Australian only appeared on the track four times.

Players who will serve as a replacement for the series have also been appointed: Peter Chlobak (Czech Republic), Yevgeny Sgdolin (Russia), Philip Hellström Bangs (Sweden), Norek Blodorn (Germany) and Drew Kemp (Great Britain).

After the difficult 2020 season, where we only managed to play one final of the competition, everyone wants this year’s tournament to take place in the best possible way. On behalf of FIM, I wish One Sport’s competitors, organizers and promoters a successful struggle – said Armando Castagne, Chair of the FIM Track Racing Commission

The FIM Under-21 World Championships Tournament will select the world’s best up to 21-year-old highway rider.

The competition begins on September 4 in Stralsund (Germany). Next, players will face off on September 25 in Krosno (Poland) and traditionally in Pardubice (October 1, Czech Republic).

This is what this year’s series of struggles look like:

– Wiktor Lambert (Poland)

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Mark Carrion (Russia)

– Francis Gusts (Latvia)

– Daniel Kolodinsky (Latvia)

– Marko Luiszyn (Ukraine)

– Ernst Matjossonoks (Latvia)

– Jacob Mikowiak (Poland)

– Mads Hansen (Denmark)

Jonas Seifert – Salk (Denmark)

Jan Kvich (Czech Republic)

– Alexander Wenten (Sweden)

Stephen Gorrett (France)

Lukas Baumann (Germany)

– Matthew Gilmore (Australia)

– Mateusz Schwednicki (Poland)