Doubtlessly, Netflix is a streaming service that takes leading positions in the entertainment niche. They don’t only offer access to a limitless number of interesting movies and TV shows. They are also good at creating their media projects. Most of them have become very popular, so millions of people can’t wait for new episodes of their favorite TV shows to arrive. In case you’re one of those who have a Netflix subscription and want it to be paid off in the form of new shows, you’re at the right place. Scroll down below and read about the most anticipated Netflix protects coming at the end of 2021.

Money Heist

It is a super popular TV show about intelligent bank robbers who have an outstanding plan that covers any possible situation that may appear. Unfortunately, the first two seasons of the show were not extremely successful. However, when Netflix purchased the project and started promoting it, the Money Heist show became super popular.

Netflix kept developing the project and released three more seasons. Most of the actors remained the same. They also kept acting as robbers who used the names of the cities as nicknames. After a successful robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain, they decided to break into the Bank of Spain to steal the gold. Since the first robbery was smooth, they didn’t expect any problems to appear. However, the second robbery is full of unpredictable twists that are not covered by the plan, so they have to improvise.

Unfortunately, the fifth season is the last. However, the good news is that it’s not finished yet. Therefore, the show’s fans will be able to watch the last episodes this year. The first part of the season was released on September 3. The second volume that will be the last will become available on December 3.

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The Witcher Season 2

The Whitcher is the most successful project of the Netflix company in its history. The first season helped fans take a dive into the world of medieval Europe that is full of different creatures. The leading character, Geralt of Rivia, earns a living by killing the most dangerous ones. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of different characters that play vital roles and become a source of adventures for the leading character.

It is an alluring show that captivated people’s attention and forced them to watch a large number of episodes with no interruption. Consequently, the question, “Who can write paper for me cheap?” bothered students when the first season was released. Fortunately, many writing services help them get free time to watch new episodes without compromising on their homework.

Indeed, many fans are eager to watch more new episodes about the adventure of Geralt of Rivia. The second season will be released this year. However, it will be the end of 2021, which is December 17.

Nailed It! Season 6

The Nailed It! is a very successful comedy show from Netflix. The previous five seasons gathered many views, so the new one is one the way. Its release date is September 15. It is a comedy show that needs people to demonstrate their baking skills. All the contestants are provided with a sample of a top-tier cake baked by a skilled professional. The samples always blow the mind with their complexity. They are masterpieces in the world of cakes.

The contestants have to bake new bakes that will match the visual appeal of the provided samples. Besides, they also have to be delicious. The judges taste all the cakes baked. They evaluate their taste qualities and visual appeal to find a winner who will get $10,000. Therefore, people do their best to re-create outstanding edible masterpieces and win the show. Nevertheless, it is full of hilarious moments that make it so popular. The new show about failed attempts of cake baking is about ready-to-watch.

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Sex Education Season 3

It is one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix. The release date of the third season is September 17. It is a comedy show about a school student who hosts therapy sessions for those who experience problems in their sexual life. Even though he is young and has no license, the leading character is a skilled specialist taught by his mom, a sex therapist. Otis didn’t want to obtain such knowledge. However, his mother has no shame, so she always conducted lectures about sexual life at home, so he became an expert by listening to what his mother told.

Firstly, Otis helped his friends to overcome issues they face in their sexual lives. However, he succeeded in helping others, so that Otis became very famous in the school. The number of hilarious moments will increase significantly in the third season because school staff, teachers, and other kids’ parents will reach him to get consultations.