HBO Max recently replaced HBO GO in Poland. What new movies and series debuted this week? We will choose the best new products.

The golden age in the history of Poland occurred in the sixteenth century. series cult age However, it does speak of the great fortunes of America – those that have won and lost. There will be no major wars, but that doesn’t mean they will be any less dramatic. Starring, among others: Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Baransky. The series officially appeared on Tuesday.

On Monday, the film debuted on HBO Max this is the end. This is a very specific comedy about a laid-back girl. She sets out on a journey through Los Angeles in hopes of getting to her last party before the end of the world. If the world is about to fall apart, let’s at least have a good time. On the way, we will meet a whole group of interesting characters.

On Saturday, however, a movie appeared girl and spider. The main character is trying to get out of the apartment, but it will not be so easy. Chests, furniture and a farewell party create a strange magnetic field where friends, lovers, relatives, neighbors and strangers begin to attract each other.

For lovers of dark cinema we recommend the movie safe shelter. The Virgin Mary appears to a young girl with a hearing impairment. As people flock to witness her miracles, horrific things begin to happen. Was she really the Mother of God then? The creature’s actions indicate something else…

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