Mirosław Szumiło, an expert in the Ministry of Education and Science responsible for, among other things, giving opinions on school history books, an employee of the Office of Historical Research of the Institute for National Remembrance, suggested that the English lost the Euro 2020 final (2021) due to “race parity”. He wrote on Facebook: “They put up to three black players in the penalty shootout series, and none of them scored a goal.” The entrance disappeared, and Szumło explained his words.

  • England lost the Euro 2020 (2021) final against Italy after a series of penalty kicks
  • Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka have not used the eleven
  • According to MEiN expert Mirosław Szumił, these three players were allocated to penalties due to “race parity”.
  • Netizens considered his entry to be racist

Marcus RashfordAnd Jadon Sancho I Bukayo Saka – These three were wrong in the penalty shootout series in the final
Euro 2020 (2021) With
Italywith what
English Missed an opportunity to get a historical title. Only Harry Kane and Harry Maguire managed to score against Italy.

All the unlucky people were taken off the bench, the players Manchester United [Sancho przeniósł się latem na Old Trafford z Borussii Dortmund – red.] Especially for the eleventh competition. They were resurrected, and they had one task to do, but they failed to do. As it turns out, some have found an association between skin color and “failure to take penalties.” One of these is Doctor Hub. Miroslav Szumyu, an expert in the Department of Education and Science responsible, among other things, for giving opinions on history textbooks and an employee of the Office of Historical Research at the National Remembrance Institute, whose entry caused an Internet storm.

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Mirosław Szumiło on the Euro 2020 final (2021) Italy v England

English lost to political correctness. They put three black players in the penalty shootout series, and none of them scored. The coach had to choose more and better experienced players. Why did you choose these three? I think that Determined by interracial parity. I know FB will recognize me as a racist soon, but that’s what it looked like” – wrote Mirosław Szumało on Facebook.

Photo: Mirosław Szumiło / Facebook

The post was indeed deemed racist, at least by netizens. After a wave of criticism, the entry was removed, and Szumało decided to explain his words. By the way, criticize kneeling before games – it’s a gesture of support for the movement Black Lives Matter Movementwho fights against racial prejudice.

“My position in football was […] It is misunderstood by many. I just wanted to highlight the phenomenon of political correctness everywhere, as well as in sports. I’m so afraid Considerations of merit (skills) do not always count, and Great Britain is a prime example of a dictatorship of right, i.e. racism on the contrary. And this kneeling before matches is the greatest folly– confirmed the MEiN expert.


Photo: Mirosław Szumiło / Facebook

Rashford, Sancho, Saka – Facts About Criminal Cases

“Skills don’t always matter,” Szumiło wrote. It’s worth looking at the numbers here.

According to stats from Transfermarkt, Marcus Rashford has received 17 penalties in his career and only fouled twice – both in 2019 against Norwich City and Crystal Palace. Jadon Sancho defeated goalkeepers “Lime” 10 times, but missed once – in 2017 at the World U-17 Championship. Just
Bukayo Saka approached a penalty kick for the first time in his career.

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For comparison: Harry Maguire He was doing eleven for the first time [też za Transfermarkt – red.]And Harry King In turn, he is the most experienced in this regard – he scored 44 times out of 52 attempts. At Euro 2020 (2021) he did not use a single penalty kick – in the semi-final match with Denmark – but was lucky then that the ball fell under his feet after Kasper Schmeichel interfered. Upon recoil, it was already flawless.