Starting today, Xbox Game Pass customers can watch four new productions. The list includes Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy, which should be of interest to many players. It’s a good day to watch the amazing Eidos Montreal game.

Already today, players who use an Xbox Game Pass subscription can check out four more productions. The ranking is very exciting this time around, because users will finally have access to last year’s Eidos Montreal site.

Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t get much attention before the premiere, but it turned out that the developers didn’t make the mistakes of their fellow Crystal Dynamics and put in a really good production. The title collected ratings at 80% and there are many opinions that the Avengers should follow this path.

However, that’s not the end, because starting today (premiere!) Xbox Game Pass customers will also learn about Young Souls, and they can take care of the lawns in Lawn Mowing Simulator or check out the adventure game Kentucky Route Zero.

Xbox Game Pass – Today’s Premieres

Notably, these are the last items Microsoft has prepared for the early days of March, so we’ll likely know the second half of the month show next week.

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