YouTube Vanced has ceased to exist. The developers of the free YouTube client have announced the end of the project. Check out what you need to know if you use this app. What instead of YouTube Vanced? We have an alternative.

YouTube is used by billions of ManiaKs from all over the world and millions from Poland alone. However, not everyone does this through the official website of the platform or its application for mobile platforms.

One of the most popular alternatives to YouTube is YouTube fancied. The popularity of this design is due to the free access to premium features (and more), such as no ads or background running.

If using YouTube on your Android smartphone has always meant YouTube Vanced for you, then I have very bad news for you.

YouTube Vanced is out of business

Photo: Vanced Official

There is sad news for many users of this app on the official Vanced Twitter account. YouTube Vanced operations suspended.

In the next few days From the official website of the project YouTube Vanced app download links will disappear. I would like to remind you that for obvious reasons it is not officially available from the Google Play Store.

And what about ManiaKami who have already installed YouTube Vanced on their smartphones? we will, The application is to continue working but for a maximum of about two years. This term may be shortened, but because Google abandoned the last version of YT that Vanced used, not the fault of the app developers.

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It is not officially known why YouTube Vanced ceased to exist. Most likely, there is a lawsuit from Google involved. However, the creators of Vanced did not talk about this, but they apologized to their users and thanked them for using their app during these few years of operation.

What instead of YouTube Vanced?

Besides the most obvious answer, this is Buy YouTube PremiumAnd the The most reasonable alternative to YouTube Vanced is NewPipe.

NewPipe is a free YouTube client that also supports PeerTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Here too, we don’t get ads, background play and movie downloads.

There is only one big difference: On NewPipe we don’t sign in with Google data. We do everything in this app, albeit with the ability to import data between devices.