The cause of unpleasant accidents – especially for the youngest viewers of the popular series “disciples– There must be a new trend emerging tik toco. The new “challenge” targets teens who go to the movies in a suit rather than the traditional jeans and T-shirts of their age. This is how they want He became like the main character in the movieDec.

However, the dress is only a small part of the challenge. Teenagers come to the cinemas big groups. Videos viewed by several thousand users show boys and young men lining up climbing escalators. At the cinema, they occupy an entire row and applaud the movie from start to finish. They chant at the same time: “Five years of waiting are over!” – Referring to the time since the premiere of the movie in this series.

After the campaign spread, some cinemas banned entry to young people in disguise. This decision was made by the cinema in Wadebridge in England – they posted an announcement that she would no longer be allowed into the room”Unaccompanied children in lawsuits“Workers said that young people.”rejoiceAnd the clap And the They rose from the armchairs for the duration of the show.”.

The only cinema on the island had to be taken more seriously Guernseyone of Channel Islands. The applause that disturbed the session did not end there. Teenage boys, according to staff make noise, Didn’t even follow staff orders Throw different things. all of that In front of young childrenoften those whose parents took them to the cinema for the first time.

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– That was so heartbreaking. We were on the show Families who did not return to the room Even when we tried to explain it. Parents led their children crying and frightened Even before the start of the film – the BBC reported, citing reports from the cinema staff.

– This trend cost me yesterday’s closing 1300 lbs. (about 7000 PLN) – said the director of the cinema Vue in Worcester, United Kingdom. As he explained, he had to return all tickets due to complaints of teens screaming and copying.

The director announced that they were a group of eight children. “Now, when we see any kids coming into the movie in disguise, we give them warnings,” he added.

– We tell them that if there is one complaint against them, they will be expelled from the room – he said.

There are also photos on social media showing messages from customers from several Odeon cinemas: “Due to the recent turmoil following the #GentleMinions trend, any group of uniformed guests will be barred from showing Minionki: Gru Entry.”

The ban did not solve the problem but it created new problems and led to many misunderstandings. One parent complained that the ban also affected his son, who went to the cinema dressed up white polo shirts. was enough for Mistakenly labeled it as Tiktoker.

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The same film studio encouraged young people to take more action Universal PicturesWhich, according to the BBC, backed the trend, writing on Twitter: “To everyone who comes to Minions in suits: We see you and love you“.