Ministry of Justice United States of America announced on Wednesday, July 6 that Megan Hess, who owned a funeral home in Colorado, She confessed to selling and stealing parts of the bodies and organs of the deceased, which her company handles.

As the British Guardian reminds us, The woman had to deceive at least a dozen families in this waywho came to burn their relatives. Instead of cremation, she The company took the members and sold them For research and training purposes. The funeral home cost about $1,000 to cremate the body, but that never happened.

Currently Hess faces 20 years in prison. The case was judged by the Grand Junction District Court. The verdict in the case will be pronounced in January 2023. Theft and sale of 45-year-old organs She was supposed to do things with her mother – Shirley Koch. This one has a hearing scheduled for mid-July. The woman does not acknowledge the alleged acts.

The case of the former owner of a funeral home in Colorado saw the light of day in 2018, when Reuters published a Hess report. It included letters from 2014 that a woman was sending to a potential buyer of the organs.

“They have four or five deaths a day. Get ready! How about a fully embalmed spine For $950? I asked in one of the messages.

According to journalists, the woman had to deceive the families to which she transferred the remains of cremated bodies from other people. In addition, in 2018, investigators proved it Hiss forged dozens of organ donation consent forms. According to the testimony of one of the employees, the former owner of the funeral home received about 40,000 zlotys from the sale of only gold teeth. dollar.

As the British portal reminds us, the sale of organs – including the heart – heart transplants is illegal in the United States. Cadavers and body parts, in turn, could be sold for research purposes.

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