Finnish and Swedish authorities are one step away from applying to join NATO. A few days ago, the governments of the two countries concluded security agreements with the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom (May 12) was linked to Sweden and Finland through mutual assistance agreements when the other side came under attack. In order to sign the agreements, Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited both countries which are just one step away from applying to join NATO.

Johnson emphasized that contracts are not short term alternative In the preparation period to join, but A permanent guarantee between states.

The British Prime Minister, in response to a question during the Helsinki Conference, whether the outbreak of conflict would mean Putting British shoes on Finnish soilhe said that The nature of the assistance will depend on the request of the other party.

The President of Finland, Suali Niinistö, today (May 14), warned Russian leader Vladimir Putin that Finland will decide to apply for NATO membership in the coming days.

Source: BBC

Susanna Ptaszyńska

Student in International Relations and American Studies at the University of Warsaw, passionate about the history of popular culture and all things British.

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