Famous American actor Jason Momoa had to publicly apologize for taking pictures and filming while visiting the Sistine Chapel – one of the most important monuments of the Vatican. By posting it on social media, the artist ignored the legal regulations in force in the Vatican. It is forbidden to photograph this monument there, incl. Because flash is very harmful to murals.

Tourists take hundreds of photos during their trips, and they also take them in places prohibited by law. They forgot that law and contracts protect some tourist attractions from being photographed. So did Jason Momoa – reports the portal nypost.com.

It was there that Michelangelo painted his famous frescoes, which are considered among the greatest works of world art. The Sistine Chapel was built in the years 1475-1483 from the founding of Pope Sixtus IV.

It cannot be photographed indoors due to the fact that flashlights destroy antique frescoesbut also because of On a signed contract with Japanese TV. In the years 1980-1994, a very expensive renovation was carried out in the church, financed by one of the Asian broadcasters.

In contrast, the Japanese had a monopoly on taking pictures of the temple and unusual frescoes by Michelangelowhich we can find inside. Despite this, every year thousands of tourists from other parts of the world post pictures of the church, including portraits. on social media.

Jason Momoa posted illegal photos taken at the Sistine Chapel on social media.

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“I love Italy, what a lovely start to our day off in Rome,” Momoa wrote in his message under the photos.

Fans are outraged by this factIt was stated in the comments that the 42-year-old actor had received special treatment.

We commoners cannot photograph in the Sistine Chapel. – One user commented. Another fan wrote, “We can’t take pictures, but celebrities can, Jason (I love him), but it’s not fair.”

After Momoa received a harsh response, he posted a video of an apology.

“I just wanted to say it If you ever feel like I’ve been ignoring your culture, that wasn’t my intention. I came here when I was 19 or 20 to enjoy the Sistine Chapel. Now I brought my friends and crew here as we only had a few days to get to know this place. and then I noticed that people wanted to take pictures with me and it was very strange because of the placeWhich I don’t understand but Regardless, I did. I thought it would be fine. I would never want to do something that is treated as disrespectful to someone’s culture. If I did, I’m sorry. I did not mean that. I paid right now and made a nice donation to the church. I love you. Momoa wrote: “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

In addition to exploring historical sites while in Italy, Momoa was filming his new movie “Fast X”.