The British government is defending its refugee policy and has announced that it will facilitate the procedures. However, visas will not be waived. The UK accepts far fewer people than Poland and other EU countries due to stricter criteria and procedures for accepting refugees.

London has a special program for Ukrainian refugees. However, they must already have relatives here, in addition to a certain type of visa. So far, only about fifty people have obtained a residence permit under this system.

We all want to open our arms wide, but there has to be action. We will make it as fast and easy as possible – James Cleverly, Minister of State for Europe at the Home Office, explained on the BBC.

The French say the British border force is turning back some refugees in Calais. Ukrainians hear: “You have to go to the consulate and get a visa.” “It is inhumane” – this is what the head of the French Ministry of the Interior called the British position.

But current British policy has defenders. A week ago, a right-wing Conservative MP said his region had already welcomed many immigrants from Eastern Europe in recent decades.

We have serious problems with housing and work. I know it is not easy. But we have to be honest – House of Commons polemicist Edward Lee.