According to the BBC, a private plane is heading to Afghanistan. This machine was paid for with private money, and it is planned to bring about 170 animals to the UK from a shelter established by a former British marine.

A private plane will bring animals from Afghanistan

Several years ago, 57-year-old Paul “Ben” Farthing founded the “Nawzad” animal shelter in Afghanistan, where they were sent to Dogs, cats and donkeys. When the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan a week and a half ago and Western countries began evacuating their own citizens and Afghan partners, Farthing said he would not leave the country without animals and shelter workers, and called on the Internet to evacuate shelter residents. Okay.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace believes the campaign led by Farthing Distracts attention from British forces’ efforts to evacuate people from Afghanistan. “What I’m not ready for is to prioritize animals over humans. I’m afraid you might not like me because of that, but that’s my opinion. There are also very, very miserable people out there who are in real danger,” the politician said.

However, he later confirmed that if a private charter flight was to be taken, and if Farthing, with its staff and animals, had arrived at Kabul airport, He will try to find a place for this plane between the departing and incoming military machines.

When is the flight?

Farthing even called on the Taliban to let his group pass. Dear sir, my team and my pets are stuck near the airport. We have a waiting flight. Can you facilitate safe passage to the airport for our convoy? Sohail Shaheen, we are an NGO He will return to AfghanistanBut now I want to get everyone out safely,” a Taliban spokesperson tweeted.

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According to the BBC, a private chartered plane is scheduled to depart from near London on August 26 Luton AirportTo take Farthing and his pets. He is scheduled to arrive in Kabul on Friday. But according to the newspaper “The Independent”, it is up to the US forces that operate the airport, It’s a final decision on whether to let them get on the plane or notShelter workers are not considered to be in particular danger by the Taliban.

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