Do you know this? A young man from a small town accidentally meets his high school sweetheart who currently lives in a big city. So he convinces his best friend to go on a cross-country trip together, so he can reveal to his bride how he feels about her. And lest it be boring, there is also a sinister, because she is eager to take revenge on someone, she chases after them.

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Yes, actually “Pranksters On Tour” is Romantic comedy What a lot. Her story is made up of clichés only. Desperate, the man in love will do anything for his love. During the trip, he will argue with his friend and inevitably have to confront a crazy sister who just escaped from prison. All the confronted characters will encourage and help the heroes as much as possible. Well, not really. Kitao Sakurai chose the dupe movie format in order to break down a genre convention. So we are dealing with real and honest reactions to the characters’ behavior taken directly from the imaginations of Hollywood screenwriters.

“Fools on the Road” are the best in these more disjointed scenes.

When Chris, played by Eric Andre, decided to pursue his school love from Florida to Manhattan, he began singing as if in a musical, and mall customers watched his dances and merriment in disgust. When he and Bud get stuck in a Chinese finger trap (they have no fingers attached anyway) and seek help, and end up in a barber shop, a staff member chases them with a knife in his hand. There are many similar examples of stripping this type of imitation of its cinematic charm, also known as improbability. There is a lot of it here, and random people’s reactions are exceptional every time.

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At the crossroads of fiction and truth, aside from the deconstructive personality itself, truth about American society is also born. Although people sometimes view the actions of the heroes sideways, they try to be useful in general. They are ready to talk, communicate with Chris when they think he’s stopped vomiting in all directions, and even confuse the cop who is stalking the fugitive prisoner. In this respect, like any good romantic comedy, “The Pranksters On The Road” sounds like a typical movie that I’m happy to be with. There is something charming about seeing them chase the heroes away when they deserve it, but also show them a lot of heart and compassion. Thanks to this, at the end of the credits and in the scenes of revealing the truth to strangers, a smile flashes on the lips.

Pranksters on Tour / Netflix

This does not necessarily happen when appropriate action is seen.

The Three Writers (Eric Andre, Dan Carey, and Katow Sakurai) have been overestimated a little. You can feel the hand of Jeff Tremin, the cult co-founder of “Jackass”, who was the producer of the movie. However, it was absurd to search for the known sentiment from his “impudent grandfather”, who let himself go crazy, but kept him under control and countered appropriately. In “Pranksters On The Road”, joke is the weakest link. Disgusting jokes come to the fore, like the one in which the gorilla rapes Chris (twice!) (Ending on his face, this scene is hard to forget). However, if you laugh to death when Ryan Dunn walked with shins in the backside for an x-ray, or when Johnny Knoxville broke his penis during acrobatics on a motorcycle, you’ll have a great time with this production.

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You can watch the movie on the platform Netflix.