Google Pixel Fold will be Google’s first foldable phone. Today we learned that despite the close cooperation with Samsung, the manufacturer prefers the Oppo copies. And that’s great news, but we’re still in for a disaster.

In 2022, we will see the popularity of folded smartphones increase. It will become more affordable, and new manufacturers will battle the main shelf competition. He will be one of the contenders Google Pixel Fold. Today we learned more about its design.

At the current stage, we have three major versions of foldable smartphones. They are one Huawei P50 Pocket if Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. The second is Honor Magic V And the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The latter is the latest and it’s the Oppo Find N. Why not put it in one bag with Honor and Samsung? Because they are smaller in size and have different screen dimensions.

And the Google Pixel Fold is supposed to be similar to it. This means that the aspect ratio of the home screen is a little close to square. In my opinion, Google is heading in the right direction. Thanks to this, the external screen has become more useful, and the main screen is more comfortable for watching a video. However, there is a “but” – and a very large “but”.

Google Pixel Fold / Photos. karkhanhed

Quality Control and Google Pixel Fold

I have one problem with this phone. Google Pixel 6 problems eventually affected my opinion. Google has quality control somewhere and there are a lot of bugs. These sounds even come from the USA, where most of the great flagships are missing. even there MKBHD advises against buying the Pixel 6 Pro.

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Can you imagine the problems of Google’s folded smartphone? After all, it is an incomparably more complex structure. Google was able to crack even simple arguments (see peel off screen). I don’t wish anyone bad, but I think it will be an experience for the users. Unsuccessful.

More about Oppo Find Inn You can read in the text below. We have collected first impressions of this model in it. Suffice it to say that no other foldable phone looks this good.

Meet the first foldable smartphone that I can buy myself: OPPO Find N is official!