If you use Google Maps on Android Auto, you’ve probably noticed more errors lately. Not all of this is to blame for the latest updates. Many of them, many of them appear out of nowhere.

Drivers lose patience with Google Maps

Unfortunately, despite the attractive updates, Google Maps again encounters various kinds of problems, and unfortunately, none of the installed solutions that users use brings the expected results.

Google Maps is causing sound problems in some cars. Toyota drivers complain of a sound cut off when starting navigation. As a result, there is no chance of using Spotify or YouTube Music without problems. In this case, as users write, changing the cable or reset does not help.

Google has confirmed that it has already begun analyzing submitted reports indicating this issue. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the modification will arrive.
Who is the culprit? We can guess that these are the voice prompts on which Google Maps is based that automatically turn down the music volume for the navigation ad broadcast. As a result, navigation cuts off everything that produces sound in Android Auto.

Image: Google forum

Navigation automatically changes the traffic mode

Drivers are considering switching to a different navigation app. That’s because from this week, Google Maps in Android Auto in some Auto switches off mode Right traffic to left traffic.

This is done without the user having to make any changes. Several of them confirmed the same behavior and Google replied again that it was already doing so.

Since there is no workaround for this issue either, you have to wait for the fix. In this case, Waze is a good alternative. Not only does it use Google Maps, but it is very accurate thanks to its crowdsourcing engine.

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Compared to Google Maps Waze in the first place does Tasked with helping you beat city traffic. It provides alternate routes, avoids accidents, traffic jams and speed cameras that can slow you down. Many drivers have already switched Google Maps to Waze.