YouTube removed the claw-footed countdown. Users did not like it, so they restored it using the browser extension.

Over the very long history of the technology world, a very small group of entities have managed to conquer the user community. Many projects that were supposed to fulfill the creator’s visions were pulled because people… just wanted something else. Even Apple, known for pushing its ideas, had to finally admit its mistake by restoring the ports, abandoning the touch bar on the Macbook Pro, and more recently – allowing its smartphones to be repaired at home by providing all the necessary tools and diagrams. Another controversial decision was YouTube’s removal of the “I don’t like it” button from the bottom of videos on the platform. You can click on them, but the information about their number is visible only to the creators.

How such a decision affects the work of YouTube has already been discussed by many famous users. However, it didn’t take long for the community to come up with a way to bypass YouTube’s new ideas and regain access to information about whether or not viewers liked the video.

ReturnYouTubeDislike Adds Claw Counter as an Extension for Chrome and Firefox

ReturnYouTubeDislike is a community project on YouTube that aims to do what bears its name. The content creators on their website say directly that they are taking advantage of the fact that (so far), despite the fact that tabs down are sometimes not visible to users, their number can still be extracted from the site’s API. Until YouTube blocks this path, it is possible to add the old fingerprint counter to the page like Chrome and Firefox extensions.

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Does this circumvention of YouTube rules mean that everyone will be able to see how many paws there are again? In theory – yes, but it’s highly unlikely that hundreds of millions of users will suddenly start using a solution (at the time of writing) that isn’t even available in the Chrome extension store. Instead, it’s just another proof that the community doesn’t want the changes YouTube is trying to push. I am convinced that this is not the last initiative that aims to show that the YouTube management should withdraw from this idea.

And in my opinion, it will be, because it is very difficult to win with society.

extend you can Download from this page.