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Google Maps has been enriched with more information on the map. According to the feedback of American users, the app displays railway junctions on the screen for several days on the specified route and warns that delays are expected. On the one hand, it is beneficial in terms of time management, and on the other hand, it is simply safer than having no such warnings.

Early users who have already seen the new option in Google Maps don’t seem particularly happy. How do they pay attention On reddit, Delay warnings due to railway crossings are not necessary, because in practice it is a downtime similar to waiting for the green light at the intersection. So they see the railroad crossing symbol as just a redundant thing on the map.

Even if the warning about possible delays is not valuable, the security aspect is noteworthy. A person traveling in unfamiliar terrain will certainly be more careful knowing that they will cross paths along the way. It’s also easy to imagine that in some cases (at least in Poland) it would be much longer to wait for raised barriers than for a green light at an intersection.

At the moment, however, it doesn’t matter much, because the job is probably only available in the US, and not everyone out there assures that they can use it. Most likely, implementation is still in progress or we’re just talking about A / B tests.

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