There are records on the network from the moment the barrier collapsed. It shows how a large group gathered in the corridor the students It is pressed against the steel elements, and then they separate suddenly. Then some students fall from the fourth floor. Five people did not survive the fall.

A recording showing the whole situation has been provided on social networks. The video also shows the moment the fence breaks.

Bolivia. Five people did not survive, and three others were hospitalized

“So far, we have reports of 5 dead and 3 people in the intensive care unit after what happened in UPEA centers. the policeJohn Aguilar to go to the scene and provide a full report of what happened, “- wrote on Twitter the Home Secretary. Bolivia Eduardo del Castillo.

Do incident It happened in the economics building at El Alto University, a public college near La Paz. Local services are investigating the causes of the tragedy – knows Reuters.

Belarus. The journalist is convicted. She revealed that Bandarenka was not drunk

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236 km / h on the highway. The driver’s case will go to court

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